TAKRAF South Africa supplied a new +/-850m long Jetfloat walkway to a Botswana diamond mine to accommodate the increased capacity of one of its dams.

The increase in capacity, which will extend the life of the dam, meant that the existing floating walkway on the dam was no longer fit for purpose. The requirement from the client was to design, supply and install a new floating walkway based on a system supplied by TAKRAF South Africa for another of the mine’s dams in 2015.

The Jetfloat system was supplied with mild steel galvanized grating flooring, kick plates and fibreglass handrailing of more than 1,600 linear metres.

The modular product comprises high-density polyethylene floating elements suitable for different applications as floating platforms and walkways for mining and industrial process operations, as well as for marine, fishing and recreational purposes. The modular pontoons are joined together to the required configuration and size and can be as quickly dismantled. Other advantages include virtually no repair or maintenance costs, long life running into decades, and resistance to degradation from weathering, material fatigue, certain types of acid, salt water or UV rays.