The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing. Increasing digitalisation and networking of products, value creation chains and business models offers many industrial companies attractive opportunities. At the same time, a lot of companies are not sure how and where to start digitalising their systems. And yet it can be so simple: with KSB Guard.

What is KSB Guard? KSB Guard is your quick and easy introduction to the world of KSB smart services. KSB Guard can be quickly attached to your pumps and immediately helps you to make your system more reliable and reduce your operating costs.

KSB Guard is KSB’s intelligent pump monitoring system comprising sensors and a cloud application which enables you to keep a mobile eye on the performance and status data of your pumps at all times.

The cloud-based solution monitors all connected pumps in parallel and immediately notifies you of any irregularities. How to detect faults and anomalies faster than ever before while maintaining a solid database for further optimisation measures – system-wide.

Website: https://www.ksb.com/digital-solutions/ksb-guard/