Useful innovation is engineering that creates solutions to save time and money. The Yellow Activity Monitoring System (YAMS) is a product of the South African company, Kinetic Electronic Designs. YAMS is a tried, tested and trusted system that is in use in mining, quarrying, agriculture, infrastructure development and fleet management on 5 continents over the past two decades.

YAMS is a low-cost, low-maintenance plant and heavy vehicle management solution, and an easy way to accurately monitor local and distributed fleets. Work, activity and engine data are recorded and processed with little or no human intervention. Accurate reports of fleet or individual vehicle activity are easily produced.

Now, in addition, the YAMS can gather and collate company vehicle usage information and reports from anywhere, instantly, with the new cloud-based software. The monthly subscription for each unit costs less than a Big Mac Meal, and will allow your company to monitor start/stop times, excessive idling, unauthorised stoppages, refuelling, tipping records, and much more.

New developments include GPS tracking, LCD displays, easier data downloads and even more reports and graphs, while still maintaining the low cost, easy installation and reliability under harsh conditions.

Website: www.ked.co.za