Top level personal protection for professional welders by Kemppi

The Gamma product range available from AR Industrial represents premium levels of personal protection for professional welders and fabricators. Gamma GTH3 respirators meet the highest EU classification for respiratory performance (TH3) protecting users from 99.8 % of airborne fumes and particulate. Choose from either fast charging battery powered filter units, providing total independence of movement, or regulated supplied air models, connected to a breathing air source.

Designed from the user’s perspective, Gamma GTH3 models include optimum vision performance and unique usability features including GapView function. For low light working conditions XFA models integrate 70 lumen LED work lights, reaching new levels of safety. Gamma welder’s respirators can lower PPE cost by up to 80 % when compared to separate PPE solutions where disposable welder’s filter masks are used.

Three of the models come with TH3-level battery powered blowing unit and two models with a connection to a compressed air supply. Other benefits include heavy duty and standard duty batteries available; filters no less than 99.8 % of the airborne particles; positive pressure design makes breathing effortless; LiFE+ Color ADF technology for added clarity of vision; easy ADF adjustment whilst wearing the helmet; integrated LED work lights in XFA models; and magnifying lens option.

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