The first tenet of the Victaulic mission is to consistently develop innovative products and services that provide real value to our customers. Safety is real value. It impacts people and it impacts the bottom line. In addition to the personal side of work injuries, safety affects contractors and owners, workers and managers, company reputations and even performance, productivity and profitability. Companies that care about their employees and their contractors’ employees continually look for ways to make their construction environment safer. In the process they keep their reputations and profits safe as well.

Construction-related costs are both direct and indirect. Direct expenses are medical treatment, prescription drugs, weekly wage replacement and insurance administrative costs and profit. These costs are usually covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance. Indirect expenses are often more detrimental to the overall expense picture.

Providing safety is the promise we make to our customers. It means developing products and processes that reduce or eliminate project exposure and risk, from our patented grooved mechanical piping system, and all the safety features we design into our products, to the way we pack, label and ship our parts. Safety is a direct result of our brand promise. It’s the promise we make to our customers.