Latest technology in the HA724 Four Bladed Impeller

Mixtec has always been at the forefront of CIL and CIP agitator technology, with hundreds of such agitators in operation around the world, developing a track record few can match. Continuous research and development around the improvement of new and existing impellers enables us to provide optimal designs using the latest technology such as CFD modelling to reduce power requirements whilst still providing or exceeding the desired results.

The HA724 has been specifically designed for low-medium flow rate, gas dispersion applications and also used for solids suspension applications such as CIL/CIP circuits. This unique design ensures proper gas dispersion and generates a very aggressive flow rate which is required in many mining and industrial agitator applications.

The HA724, superseding our widely used and most popular hydrofoil (the HA720) hosts many advantages including greatly reducing gearbox shaft stresses, higher flow for lower wear rates and improves gas handling capabilities.

Mixtec’s impellers for the mining and refining industry offer numerous benefits including higher pumping capacity with lower power uniform gas dispersion, improved suspension of solids, reduced loading on the agitator drive and reduced loading on the associated structure.

Applications are across mining and refining, hydrometallurgical mineral processing, pharmaceutical, water treatment, petro-chemical, chemical manufacturing, food and beverage (including dairy), pulp and paper

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