Lloyd’s Register is one of the world’s leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology – improving safety and increasing the performance of critical infrastructures worldwide.

In a world of increasing complexity – overloaded with data and opinion – organisations need more than technology to succeed. They need an experienced hand. A partner to listen, cut through the noise and focus on what really matters to them and their customers.

Lloyd’s Register engineers and technical experts are dedicated to assurance. That means a commitment to embracing new technology and a deep rooted desire to drive better performance. So the company considers their customer’s needs with diligence and empathy, then use their expertise and over 250 years’ experience to deliver the smart solution for everyone. After all, there are some things technology can’t replace.

The company is expert in not only understanding the potential in cutting-edge ideas, but applying this pragmatically in ways which guarantee impact today and in the long-term. They explore every problem thoroughly with exact, analytical precision, leaving no stone unturned and no questions unanswered, to draw accurate conclusions.

Committed to doing things the right way to reach the highest standards and best outcomes for all, they give their clients confidence in their decisions every time.

ISO 27001 Self-assessment tool: https://www.lr.org/en-za/iso-27001/self-assessment-tool/
ISO 45001: Put Safety First On-Demand Webcast