Your partner for cutting and automation

Your partner for cutting and automation

MicroStep Group was established in 1991 in Slovakia, Bratislava. The owners were Professors in the mechanical design, electrical and computer control faculties. Combining their theoretical know-how and their drive to succeed has led them to be one of the world leaders in the design and manufacturing of CNC cutting machines. More than 2700 machines have been successfully installed to-date.

MicroStep incorporates fiber laser, extreme definition plasma, high pressure water-jet, oxyfuel and routers technologies.

MicroStep South Africa was established by Ludwig Oellermann in 2014 and has installed close to 90 MicroStep Systems in the Southern African market. The company also provides supply and service in fabrication solutions to complement its range including press brakes, guillotines, sheet rollers, dished end forming machines, welding booms and manipulators, I-beam welding and extractors. MicroStep South Africa has a dedicated team for sales and after-sales personal to ensure that their customers are supported with exceptional professionalism.

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Website: www.microstepsa.co.za
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